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Asala Nasri surprises her fans

Syrian star Asala Nasri surprised her fans by deleting all of her old photos from her Instagram account and keeping them in one divided photo for her new album, “I Catch Myself.”
Many of Asala’s followers were surprised by her method of promoting her new album, after she published a group of pictures cut up to form a large image that was the album’s poster.
Asala appeared in the poster very elegant in a red and white dress with loose sleeves. She applied soft makeup that highlighted the eyes, styled her hair in a “bun” shape, and adorned herself with a diamond necklace and earrings.
Asala also revealed, by commenting on the photos, that she will release her new album in two parts, the first part includes 6 songs, which she will release at the beginning of next October, and she accompanied the photos with the caption: “I offer you all the sweet times full of love, companionship, and hard work to create scenes, situations, and feelings… “Songs that talk about me and talk about you… My beloved, my partner, and my soul friend, Fayeq, and I lived for long days in many places to draw every picture and how it should come out as beautiful and beautiful as possible.”
She added: “I would like to thank every dear friend whose name is in the six songs that you will hear, and after a short time I will follow them with six songs with a different presentation… And thanks to my brother and supporter Anous, and a great team with him who supports me and thinks for me, and a large, hard-working company that pioneers music and many other arts, My Kind Home (Rotana). And everyone in it works with love, and you feel like they are the big boys of the company… I was very attached to every song I sang, and there may be songs I have repeated more than ten times, and every time I was looking for a woman I know, the story is her story, and I have a personality that must be sweet, and the beauty I see in her, I hope you see it like me. I hope the songs make your time good.”

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