Astronomy and horoscopes predictions for Monday, November 09, 2020


Luck continues with you until the day is halfway, then the routine things begin to impose themselves in front of you on the field of work and on the level of personal life.


Your day begins with some minor obstacles, but soon, the situation turns in your favor, so plan well to successfully finish your priorities.

Gemini :

Boredom accompanies you throughout the day and you feel that the time will not suffice for you to accomplish your work even though you sit in your place and be as calm as possible.


You have enough astrological support to get the job done, so hurry up and storm the doors of adventure without hesitation.


You still have a little time to reap the work of last week. Waiting is not in your favor, and Astronomy advises you to postpone the routine until this afternoon.


You start the day with some lethargy, but as soon as the moon enters your sign at noon today, business and profits accumulate on you, so be ready to receive positive results.


You reap some of the profits you were waiting for, but this afternoon’s emergency expenses make you unhappy with what you have accomplished and you may be overwhelmed by a feeling of tension.


You do not like the attitudes of those around you and feel dissatisfied with their work, so you feel some pressure that quickly fades away as soon as you enter your home after a stressful day.


You have some accomplishments that come to you without permission, but beware and risk self-confidence because the time ahead is not suitable for any professional or family misunderstanding.


It starts on Mondays with loads of unexpected chores that feel stressful at first, but the work quickly takes you away from stress.


The start of a day suitable for romance, a quiet day suitable for rest and concern for family and relatives.


You have a lot of work on your shoulders and you cannot find the right help for you. Stay calm and let go of stress.

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