Astronomy and horoscopes predictions for Tuesday 1 December 2020

You start your day with an activity and a rush to work, you may face some delays, do not be excited and maintain optimism, because the delay will be in your interest, try to express your feelings to the partner, and beware of neglecting your health.

Today you feel lazy and may neglect your tasks, move away from the control of negative thoughts and neglect that may cause you problems at work, feel a new emotion towards someone from outside your surroundings, beware of haste.

You seem to adhere to your views today, and you may be wrong to speed up your steps, ask for professional help, set clear plans to start your next project, try to tell your beloved that you are upset with it, and beware of emotion.

You face some problems and obstacles in your work, and misunderstanding may occur with business partners, try to act wisely and calmly, and stay away from emotion and tension, beware of eating unhealthy food, as you are exposed to stomach pain.

Today you may be exposed to an unpleasant experience or situation, try to keep your calm, and let go of negative thoughts, you feel that you are insecure and need a partner who understands you, you need to take a rest.

Today, new doors open in front of you, and you may have great support from business partners. Be sure to take your responsibilities seriously. You need to spend time with the partner, as he may feel busy with him.

Today you look like a peak of your activity and vitality, accomplish your tasks quickly, you will make an unexpected profit, try to arrange your affairs with your partner, and do not exaggerate small matters that may affect your relationship, beware of joint pain and see a doctor.

Do not enter into disputes today that you do not need, and try not to underestimate those around you, especially at work, and do not let your jealousy of others dominate you, try to woo with love and act honestly with the surroundings.

Today, you face some crises and feel that you are distracted, try to make the right decisions, and act calmly, as they are transient problems that you will quickly overcome. You are in a delicate stage in your relationship with your partner. Set your priorities with him.

Today you deal in a somewhat domineering manner, and those around you feel that you impose your opinions, discuss matters with them, you may be wrong, lack romance and love, look for a partner who shares the same qualities with you.

You may get an opportunity to travel and work with outside companies, try to arrange all your papers well, and do not rush to make your decisions, share your ideas with the partner and take his advice and opinion.

Achieve success at work and you may get an unexpected profit, try to face problems, do not postpone them, support the partner and pay attention to the details he loves, maintain your diet, and do not neglect minor pains, consult a doctor.

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