Astronomy and horoscopes predictions for Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Today, you are going through a difficult experience at work and you may face some problems, try to take your responsibilities seriously until you pass this stage, move away from the partner that worries him, try to share your thoughts with him.


You plan new projects, you have unsupportive job prospects, study your steps well and beware of excessive expenses, as you may fall into financial problems close to what will increase your stress with the partner.


Today you are trying to control some external problems, and you may intervene to help someone, what loses your energy, try to have time to rest, you may bump into someone close, beware of emotion and approach your partner.


Today, some unexpected and urgent tasks will appear, but do not worry, you will deal with them easily, and you may achieve unexpected profits, a period full of work Beware of wasting opportunities by ignoring them, and give the partner some of your time.


You suffer from a difficult period, and you may face some problems on all levels, personally and practically. Try to control your nerves, and beware of stomach cramps, and you may be disappointed by someone close.


You feel that you need time off to get away from work problems, try to restore your activity again and continue your work, do not postpone your tasks further, beware of exacerbating your problems with the partner and imposing your views on him.


A day filled with mostly beautiful events, you may get a gift or promotion at work, and you tend to spend fun times with friends and family, use your success to reach your goals, put the partner in the picture.


You are exposed to provocative situations, you may act impulsively and recklessly motivated by your anger, try to keep your calm and think reasonably, you are in an unsupported position with work, you will have a good period with your partner.


Try to set your priorities at work and organize your time and energy more. You have many ambitions, but you are not going in the right path towards achieving them because you are distracted, and beware of exacerbating your problems with the partner.


You feel an increase in pressure at work, and you may face some criticism due to laziness or negligence, try to restore your activity and complete all tasks to fix your image, and do not allow your mood to affect your relationship with the partner.


Today you deal with some selfishness with the surroundings, you have to help your colleagues at work, and do not skimp on them to provide advice, as you may one day need someone to help you, beware of clinging to your opinions with the partner.


There are many successes that you will achieve in your work and you may get a reward or profit and new support, but you must beware of some surrounding people, the presence of a partner always beside you reassures you.

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