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Beautiful Palestinian who successfully led two probes into Saturn and Mars

Asil Anabtawi was born in 1969 to a Palestinian family from Tulkarm. Her father is the engineer Jamal Anabtawi.
In 1992, she earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a distinction from the University of California State in the United States of America, and a master’s degree in majors from Southern University in California in 1996.
At the beginning of her career, Asil worked as an electrical engineer specializing in space engineering at the famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the United States of America, from which she moved to NASA.
Asil has presented over 59 scientific papers published at major research centres, sites and universities, and over 56 scientific articles.
She has won numerous medals, awards and decorations, the most important of which are: the NASA Medal for Exceptional Service, in 2007, and the NASA Medal for Distinguished Work, in 2015, in recognition of its leadership of the Cassini space probe and its landing on Saturn.
The Award for Outstanding Achievement, in 2018, and the Mars Individual Science Laboratory Award, dated May 21, 2020 from NASA, in recognition of its leadership of the team responsible for landing a vehicle on Mars.

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