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Benefits of bran bread

Treating some problems of the digestive system; Such as: constipation, and facilitating the process of excretion, as it gives the waste softness and does not harm the body during its exit, and that is why it is recommended to take it for those who suffer from hemorrhoids.
Reducing high blood sugar, because bran reduces the absorption of harmful fats, and prevents high cholesterol in the blood vessels.
Facilitate the work of the digestive system in the digestion of food, because it absorbs a high percentage of water.
Reducing weight by raising the burning rates in the body, thus giving a sense of satiety, and fullness.
Cleaning the colon of sediment and harmful residues, thus preventing any chance of cancer cells forming.
. Strengthening the work of the reproductive system in males and females.
Reducing the chances of stones forming in the kidneys.

How to prepare bran bread as follows:-
the ingredients:
A cup of white flour. cup of bran. a tablespoon of sugar. Half a tablespoon of salt. Two teaspoons of instant yeast. Four teaspoons of soft butter. Two teaspoons of vegetable oil. Two teaspoons of baking powder. Lukewarm milk – as needed.
How to prepare:
In a bowl, put the bran, flour, butter, salt, sugar, baking powder and yeast in a bowl. Gradually pour the milk, rubbing the ingredients until we get a cohesive, soft dough. Cover the bowl with a piece of cloth, and leave the dough aside until it doubles in size

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