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Benefits of brown sugar

It contains selenium, which helps to relax the nerves. It contains few calories, and this is beneficial for people who follow a diet.

It also contains iron and antioxidants.

And it gives energy.

It also contains minerals such as calcium. It helps treat vitiligo.

Speeds up the metabolism.

It is considered a natural scrub that works to renew cells with some simple additions from home. Among these recipes is a recipe for exfoliating the body and face by adding any oil to the sugar and rubbing the body and face with it in a circular way, then washing it with warm water or by mixing it with scented oils or vitamin E or by mixing it with lemon or oatmeal. The result is more than wonderful when mixing both brown sugar with white sugar and any kind of perfume or beloved oil to add a pleasant scent and exfoliate the body.

Brown sugar helps to get rid of the paleness of the skin, especially if the skin is exfoliated regularly, and it can be used as a moisturizing mask for the skin by adding coconut oil and olive oil to the brown sugar and massaging the face in a circular motion.

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