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Benefits of ice on the neck

Controlling difficulty falling asleep and insomnia.
Facilitate the process of digestion.
Treating some respiratory diseases, such as colds and asthma.
Reducing joint, tooth and head soreness.
Adjusting, improving and improving the functions of the heart and blood vessels.
Treatment of spinal problems.
Reducing nervousness, improving mood, and treating depression.
Reducing stomach and intestinal infections.
Regulating the work of the thyroid gland.
Regulating the level of blood pressure in the body, and controlling its height.
Get rid of dead skin that needs treatment.
Treating some sexual problems such as infertility, frigidity, and menstrual disorders
Neck reduction.
. dandruff treatment.
Reducing menstrual symptoms.

The method of using ice for the neck is to lie on the abdomen and the ice square on the ice and the area known as the point (feng fu), leave it for a third of an hour, then repeat it twice a day, and it is preferable to do it before bed and wake up directly, or by placing a quantity of crushed ice in the neck.

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