best healthy diet after Ramadan


have provided a range of advice on a healthy diet after Ramadan. We have chosen for you the best systems presented by Farah Hussein, a therapeutic nutrition consultant, who emphasized that it is important to maintain the healthy eating habits that were acquired during the month of Ramadan, such as reducing the consumption of stimulating and fizzy drinks and limiting the consumption of salty foods. And the nutritionist called for an interest in drinking water and eating a salad dish on a permanent basis. She stressed the importance of organizing meal times and gradually returning to the regular diet prior to the month of Ramadan, and not to exaggerate food in terms of quantity and quality. The consultant advised eating a light breakfast in the first days after the month, noting that eating heavy meals during these days is a common mistake. And she cautioned against focusing on eating various sweets such as cakes and biscuits, explaining that this may confuse the digestive system

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