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Celebrities congratulate Marita El Helani on her marriage

A number of celebrities from the Arab world participated in congratulating Marita El-Hillani, daughter of the artist Assi El-Hillani, on the occasion of her marriage to Camille Abi Khalil.

Where Marita shared with her fans and fans earlier the first moments of concluding her marriage to Camille Abi Khalil, as she published a video clip through her official account with “Instagram” of the first moments of her marriage and the documentation of the marriage contract. A large number of her fans and lovers interacted, wishing the newlyweds happiness in their new life.

This, and through the following lines, we review the most prominent artists who were keen to congratulate Marita on this occasion.

Among the artists who were keen to congratulate Marita El-Hellani on her marriage, the artist Maggie Bou Ghosn, who wished her and her husband, Camille Abi Khalil, that their lives would be happy and wonderful.

Maggie Bou Ghosn also published, through her official Twitter account, a video clip in which Marita and Kamil Abi Khalil appeared documenting the moment of their marriage, and Maggie attached a comment on the video that came as follows .. “Congratulations, sweetie. Life is all together and you see sweet days.”


As for the artist, Yara, she decided to flirt with the features of Marietta El-Hillani, after she described her as the “moon” bride, as she wished her and her husband that success would be their ally.

Yara posted a picture on her official page on Twitter.

While some of the stars preferred to congratulate Marita El-Hellani on her marriage, through comments they wrote on the photos that Marita published from her wedding party, among them the artist Rita Harb, who wrote saying “Jamelooo”, while Darine Haddad contented herself with placing an emoji in the form of a red “heart”, An expression of her love and joy at Marita’s marriage

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