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Construction of the security wall with Iran has been completed

The Turkish Armed Forces succeeded in completing the construction of the “security wall” along the border with Iran, with a length of 145 km, in the context of a project launched by the Turkish presidency to provide border security.
And Anadolu Agency reported, today, Sunday, that the construction of the security wall on the Turkish-Iranian border took place in the states of Igdir and Ağrı, which are located in the east of the country, with the full coordination and support of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, with the aim of strengthening the capabilities of the Turkish army in ensuring the security of the region.

The security wall consists of complete concrete blocks, each of which is 3 meters high, surrounded by barbed wire fences with homemade security technology systems installed in the wall, where the guards work to monitor the borders in their areas of responsibility, around the clock.

The Turkish agency stated that the cameras that were planted along the border line monitor illegal crossings, smuggling operations and terrorist incidents, as well as monitoring those borders by experienced personnel with high skills as a result of their use of audio systems that can detect all kinds of vibrations, movements and targets. potential.

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