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Corona made her a millionaire

Joanne Chu, 25, of Sydney, Australia, became an overnight millionaire after winning the $1 million jackpot for the country’s “Million Dollar Fax” vaccination campaign.

Zhou entered the campaign along with another 2.74 million people nationwide. And Sky News Australia quoted the winner as expressing her surprise by saying, “Am I dreaming, is this real? I don’t believe it.” With the epidemic lifted, you will invest the rest so you can achieve more in the future.

The “Million Dollar Fax” campaign was launched in October by a group of companies and philanthropists as a way to increase vaccination rates in the country, and has caused the vaccination rates in Australia to rise from 78.5% to 88.3%.

In addition to the $1 million prize, participants can also win one of 100 daily prizes of $1,000 with a prize fund of $4.1 million.

On November 1, the country lifted the travel restrictions on fully vaccinated passengers that had been in place for nearly 18 months.

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