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Damage to frozen foods

Many people resort to buying frozen foods instead of having to prepare them in advance, as these foods are prepared beforehand so that they are easy to use once they are purchased. Learn about foods that should not be bought frozen in the following.
Dairy products
When frozen milk products are thawed, they will contain water; This is because it is rich in a percentage of fat, and therefore it cannot be used in various foods and drinks.
The best is to buy fresh milk products that are preserved in the refrigerators designated for preservation in the markets, and you must check their expiration date before purchasing them. This applies to various dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.
Potatoes contain a lot of water, so storing them in the freezer will change their texture to make them more mushy and have an unpleasant taste.
This applies to uncooked potatoes, as well as fully fried potatoes, so they should not be bought frozen.
fried foods
Frozen semi-fried foods can be bought, which are easy to fry later without changing their taste.
But if the foods are completely fried, they should not be bought because they will become soft and their taste will change if they are heated and eaten.
When eggs are frozen, the water content inside will expand, which can lead to cracking of the outer shell, leaving the eggs exposed to bacteria.
Therefore, it is not recommended to buy frozen eggs, and they should not be frozen at home after purchasing them, and they can be kept in the refrigerator or outside if the temperature is good and not high.
vegetables and fruits
Various types of vegetables and fruits contain high levels of water, such as celery, cucumbers, melons, and others. This means that freezing them in their natural form can make them soft and unusable. Therefore, it is among the foods that should not be bought frozen.
However, it is possible to buy frozen vegetables that are boiled and add some materials that help maintain their texture, and these vegetables are not re-frozen after thawing them.
It is not recommended to buy any frozen ready meals; Because it will not have the same taste when it is fresh, and it is not recommended to freeze ready-made meals at home for later consumption.
This applies to various ready meals such as meat, fish and poultry, as well as other dishes such as rice, pasta, salad and others.
Some stores provide frozen onions that are cut for ease of use, but it is not recommended to buy them because onions contain high levels of water, which changes its nature when thawed after freezing.
It is not difficult to chop onions, whether by hand or through a food processor, as this ensures that they maintain their flavor and texture.
There is no problem with buying frozen cooked rice or pasta, but freezing causes a change in the taste and texture of these foods.
That is why it is advised to buy rice, pasta, and raw starches and cook them at home in an appropriate amount, and they can be kept in the refrigerator instead of the freezer to be reheated and used the next day.
the Garlic
Garlic is easier to use when it is minced and frozen, which is why many stores offer both frozen and minced garlic.
However, it is not recommended to buy frozen garlic, as it is one of the foods that should not be bought frozen. Because freezing it affects its taste and texture greatly, and the best is to buy fresh garlic, peel it and chop it directly before using it.

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