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Did Türkiye and Sweden agree?

On Wednesday, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom quoted his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan as saying that Turkey is expected to ratify Sweden’s accession to NATO within weeks.
Billstrom added in statements to reporters before a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, “I held a bilateral meeting with my counterpart, the Foreign Minister, where he informed me that he expects the ratification process to be completed within weeks.”
He added, “The Turkish Foreign Minister did not set a date, but he said that he expected Sweden’s accession protocol to NATO to be ratified within weeks. This is what he told me yesterday.”
Fidan will participate in the two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers to discuss the security situation in the Euro-Atlantic region, developments in the Balkan region, and the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza, according to a statement issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In addition, NATO continues to put pressure on Turkey to ratify Sweden’s accession protocol to the alliance.
Turkey, for its part, stresses that the Scandinavian country must show a commitment to remove its fears of terrorist organizations, while the alliance seeks to confirm its firm commitment to Ukraine in difficult circumstances in which neither side of the conflict has succeeded in advancing on the battlefield, in addition to Washington’s procrastination.
Observers also expected that Turkey would agree to Sweden’s accession protocol in the end, especially since the “People’s Alliance” has a sufficient majority in the Foreign Affairs Committee, but it will work to use the weapon of postponement as a pressure card on both the Scandinavian country in the file of terrorist organizations and the United States in fighter jets. “F-16”.

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