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Does Muhammad Al-Ahmad live a love story?

The Syrian star, Muhammad Al-Ahmad, announced that he is living a love story and that he is preparing for marriage during the coming period, and that the matter needs special preparations and arrangements.
Al-Ahmad said, “I know that the matter is a little late, not much, and that age is just a number for him, even though he is forty-three years old.”
Many news had spread about that Muhammad is living a love story with the Lebanese star “Daniela Rahma”, especially after their duo in the series “To Death”, which achieved a very great success, as their characters live a special love story in the series, which will show its second season in the coming holy month of Ramadan. .
For his part, Muhammad Al-Ahmad said that Daniela is a dear colleague, friend and distinguished partner through their roles in the series “To Death”, and Muhammad added: There is absolutely no such thing.
Also, Daniela surprised everyone by announcing a few days ago that she was living a love story and that she was waiting for the issue of the wedding because it needed effort, time and special arrangements.
While Muhammad confirmed in a previous interview that he would choose the artist, Daniela Rahma, to be his partner in a series that talks about a love story between a young man and a girl.
Muhammad said at the time that the chemistry and success in the duets does not indicate a love relationship between him and Daniela. We are co-workers and there is nothing of the kind. He added, “I recently posted on my Instagram page a picture of me and Daniela, commenting on it, “How appropriate you are.” When Daniela and I read the comments, we laughed and understood the matter with love. There is no love story between me and Daniela.
It is also noteworthy that Muhammad will be present during the Ramadan 2022 season in the series “For Death” directed by Philip Asmar, in addition to his presence in the second season of the series “Interview with Mr. Adam”, which was postponed from last season, accompanied by the star Ghassan Masoud.

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