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Edmond Melhem – A call for action

Anton Saadeh is a man of strong determination, stubborn in righteousness, and arrogant towards anyone arrogant towards the nation and its rights. Difficulties did not weaken him, nor did the schemes of opportunists, the deceit of hypocrites, or the treachery of conspirators diminish his resolve. He warned against the illusions of skeptics and charlatans, and those with personal agendas, calling for arming oneself with certainty, knowledge, and true national faith in confronting the ignorant and unaware. He called upon Syrians to engage in struggle, saying:
“To this struggle, I call upon you! Intentions alone do not suffice without actions, and wishes do not replace deeds. So, choose for yourselves one of two destinies: the fate of surrender and dissolution, or the fate of self-confidence and struggle in the national movement, until victory is achieved and the rights of the Syrian nation are established!”

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