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Egypt’s objectives of the Renaissance Dam and its dependencies

In recent years, Egypt is pursuing a return strategy to the African continent after those who are getting away from years. The political and developmental return is synchronized with the Ethiopian Renaissance crisis, which created a kind of permanent binding by many among an Egyptian step On the continent and between the Ethiopian Renaissance crisis. There are multiple methods to restore the Egyptian role in Africa, and Tanzania is a very important pivotal country in East Africa and is on its history of a durable electricity crisis, although they have 18 and a half percent of the world’s good water, but there are seasons Dryness has suffered from lack of drinking and electricity, and ironic that Tanzanians, despite large amounts of rain and rains, but they drink rivers, rain and lakes, and are dependent on groundwater, which is less drought The water level is dropped. “The construction of the Tanzanian dam through the Egyptian Arab Contractors Company has noted a very important step, we have returned a renovation of the countries of the continent that Egypt still exists and capable of act and impact, this is the political prong, and the economic choice Material, Egypt, according to its agreement, will be able to produce and sell electricity from the dam for a number of years before the fully delivered to Tanzania, fabricated a project that benefits both economically and political and political benefits. As for the trying to link the Tanzanian dam and the Ethiopian Renaissance, Nasr says: “Trying between the Renaissance Dam and Tanzanian dam, I do not see that there is no common link between them, and the fact that they are far from the ground, there is no contact It is near or far between the two years, as the Tanzania Dam was created for electricity generation. The Renaissance bridge I still have in my opinion that the Renaissance bridge its political purpose in the first place, not a goal to generate electricity or agricultural development, and proof I say that the Ethiopians have not created a tower and one of the Sadd’s electricity transport network, either at the Ethiopian or allocated to the transfer of electricity to neighboring countries.” Nasr said that the two countries separated from Tanzania and Ethiopia, where Kenya is located between the two countries. One of them is more accessible than two days, moreover, Tanzania does not have the major financial capabilities that enable them to create a network Huge for transporting and selling electricity to the stones of the Garupalati, Ethiopia’s plans in the sale of Al-Nahda Dam electricity, for Egypt in Tanzania has other goals, including the return of Egypt to its regional role, and as we said that the goal of Dam Renaissance The generation of electricity or development is not the first and political in the first and this is my point. “For its part, the Egyptian political writer specialized in the African matter names al-Husseini said in my opinion that Egypt’s participation in the giant Tanzania will have many benefits related to To provide electricity and protect Tanzania from floods, as well as the provision of electricity from the Saddam will reach a large number of Tanzanian people, as well as the provision of water for agriculture after storage behind the dam throughout the year, that Tanzania will reap a lot of benefits and in areas Multiple, this dam adds a balance for the expertise and reputation of Egyptian companies and the Arab and Swedish contractors company. This will be a model for Egyptian companies to paid to storm more projects in Africa.” And about a relationship between the Tanzania Dam and the Ethiopian Renaissance bridge says Husseini: “There is no direct relationship between the two saders, letters are carrying out that they have a great desire in development cooperation with brothers and help others in the development, although they have been involved in the past The National Liberalization Agencies against Distracting, Racism and other challenges facing the African continent at the time, but now development and joint action must be the motto of the stage, and Egypt confirms that they are not mental and they are willing to such a work with the brothers in Ethiopia But the Ethiopian government, and through the Tanzanian dam, Egypt sent a message to Addis Ababa, the region and the world that Egypt is willing to Islam and joint action and not willing to conflict and conflicts, and that it is the interest of everyone to work together at the level.” Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said Thursday that cooperation between the Nile Basin countries is possible if political will. The Egyptian Foreign Minister also pointed to the depth of relations between his country and Tanzania, pointing out that the Jolius Nigeri Dam project in Tanzania confirms Egypt’s commitment to its brothers on the African continent and that his country will continue its efforts to support development in Tanzania. During his speech, the Egyptian minister stressed the start of the first refill of water tanks of the Joloyos Nereri Dam project that his country will strengthen its efforts to support development in Tanzania and the Nile Basin countries. A large number of Egyptian ministers participate in Sameh Shukri, Foreign Minister in the celebration, which comes in the presence of the President of the Republic of Tanzania.

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