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Erdogan secures non-US fighters

Erdogan hints that his country will obtain fighter jets from sources other than the United States

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that his country has sources other than the United States of America, to obtain warplanes.

Erdogan said, “I hope the United States will not lead us to other ways regarding the F-16 file, as it is not the only place.”

Erdogan explained: “If we do not get F-16 fighters from the United States, we can secure fighter planes from Britain, France and Russia to sell them, and there are countries that are hinting at us.” warship”.

Erdogan also highlighted what US President Joe Biden said during their meeting in the Spanish capital Madrid, where Biden expressed his country’s intention to provide support regarding the sale of fighter jets to Turkey, and explained that Biden hinted to him during the meeting that members of the Republican Party do not provide the necessary support.

In the same context, Erdogan said that his Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, met an official in the US Republican Party in Bulgaria, and the latter informed him that they would provide support to Turkey.

It is also reported that Erdogan said earlier that he discussed gas prices with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, and stated: “We have no such problems so far (in the offer), Russia has not applied sanctions against us. I met with him (Putin), we talked during the meeting about the price If the situation turns out to be positive, the best prices will be offered to our people.”

He added that his country does not have problems supplying Russian blue fuel, because Ankara has not imposed sanctions on Moscow

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