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Fashion day of different nationalities and religions

This event is an occasion for a meeting of designers who came from different parts of the world to present their new ideas in the field of elegance that is adopted by millions of women around the world.

The Russian Fashion Council organized a special day for fashion, known as Modest Fashion, as part of the fifteenth International Economic Forum, which was held in the Russian city of Kazan, which is about 820 kilometers from Moscow. This event was an occasion for designers who came from different parts of the world to come together to present their innovations in the field of modest elegance, which is adopted by millions of women around the world.

The fifteenth international forum, which was recently organized in the Russian city of Kazan, was titled “Russia – the Islamic World: Kazan Forum 2024.” It included a special celebration of modest fashion that highlighted the growth of its potential in the fashion industry. This event provided an opportunity for international designers to present their innovations. Designers from Russia, France, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Senegal, and the United Arab Emirates participated in it, each of whom presented his own vision of what is new in modest fashion.

The Moda Safi brand participated in the shows from the Emirates with a collection of luxurious oriental abayas for brides. Designer Thuraya Al Awadhi also presented a collection of bright abayas in its colors and prints, accompanied by head accessories.

From Paris, the Dalinda Paris brand, by Tunisian designer Dalinda Gul, presented a collection of designs that combine heritage elements with a modern character. Her looks were rich in colors and golden decorations.

From Russia, 3 designers participated in presenting modest fashions, and the Buro Banu brand was distinguished by presenting designs that carried touches of Russian heritage.

From Indonesia, the Monika Jufry brand presented designs that were distinguished by their neutral colors and were accompanied by head coverings. As for the Senegalese fashion show, it seemed lively and fun.

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