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Fingernails reveal vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are an important need for the human body, and their deficiency is evident on his body, and some problems that nails suffer from can express a deficiency in one of the important vitamins in the body.
Here are the five signs on your nails that you are deficient in vitamins, according to the Express.

1. white spots
Milk spots are due to zinc or iron deficiency, and you can easily strengthen your nails and prevent white spots from appearing by treating vitamin deficiencies with nutritional supplements and using grape seed oil or vitamin E hand cream.

2. Cracking
You may be deficient in iron, which is one of the most common causes of cracked nails, and you may also be deficient in any of the “B vitamins” or lack protein in your diet.

3. Embrittlement
It can also be due to iron deficiency anemia and it can affect the toenails as well.

4. Click
The spread of pecking on the nails usually occurs due to an allergic reaction or an immune system problem, however, it may also occur due to a lack of vitamin D.

5. Grooves
Grooves are a common problem with nails and can run in different directions. Longitudinal grooves, which run from the bottom of the nail to the tip, can indicate a vitamin B12 deficiency.

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