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Flood and collapse in Libya and the loss of the army

The Libyan army spokesman, Ahmed Al-Mismari, stated that he lost contact with 7 soldiers during the ongoing rescue operations in the areas hit by floods and torrential rains in eastern Libya.
Al-Mismari said that there are great challenges facing us in rescue operations. The matter is very difficult and out of control in the city of Al-Bayda and the city of Shahat, due to the high water level and the continuous rainfall. Torrential rains and torrential rains have cut off all roads and transportation, but search and rescue operations are continuing.
Al-Mismari explained that there are 3 deaths recorded as a result of the floods in the cities of eastern Libya so far, but he indicated that there are a number of missing persons until the moment whose fate has not been determined or their whereabouts reached.
Al-Mismari also indicated that the Libyan army lost contact with about 10 soldiers who were participating in the rescue operations, and 3 of them were found, with two of them receiving treatment in a hospital and the third in good condition.
He continued, saying: “But after the storm ends, rain falls, and weather conditions improve, aviation will be included in search operations in the desert areas and the areas surrounding Jabal al-Akhdar and south of Benghazi to provide assistance, especially to shepherds and owners of livestock and camels.”
Al-Mismari explained that there is coordination in rescue operations with the Libyan government emanating from the Libyan Parliament, adding: “Work is now going well, whether civilly or militarily, or through the Ministry of Interior and the security services.”
In response to a question about the possibility of requesting support from neighboring countries, Al-Mesmari said: “At the present time we cannot determine the requirements for the next stage. So far, this hurricane is moving from west to east in a circular manner,” explaining that if bad weather conditions continue and the situation develops into… Worse still, whether there is any request for international or neighboring countries’ assistance will be announced in an official statement.

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