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From Messi to Maradona … a surprising touch of loyalty

Barcelona fans were surprised by a special celebration directed by Lionel Messi to the late Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona, during the Barcelona and Osasuna match.

After scoring the fourth goal, his team-mates and observers were surprised by Messi taking off the Barcelona shirt to reveal the Argentine Newell’s Old Boys’ shirt with the number 10 on it, which is the shirt that Maradona wore when he represented the Argentine club.

Messi raised his hands to the sky and appeared moved, and Messi chose the Newell’s Old Boys shirt; Because it is the childhood team that he represented when he was young before moving to Barcelona, ​​and it is the jersey that Maradona wore in the 1994-1993 season.

Note that Maradona only played 5 matches with Newell’s, before concluding his career with Argentine football giant Boca Juniors.

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