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Haifa Wehbe shocked her fans

At a time when the Corona vaccine was officially announced, and the world flocked to obtain it, and some countries provided the vaccine for free to their citizens, the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe surprised her followers.

On the social networking site “Instagram”, talking about the vaccine.

Where Wehbe questioned the effectiveness of the Coronavirus “Covid 19” vaccine, and published on its page, that despite the passage of 40 years since the emergence of AIDS, no treatment has been discovered or reached to prevent AIDS or cancer, so far, and the world needs another 100 years. To discover a cure for these diseases ..

The Lebanese artist said: “Even the common cold has no cure, but in less than a year a Coronavirus vaccine is discovered, and you want me to take it, so no and thank you, I will not take it.”

The views of Haifa’s followers were divided between supporters and opponents, or even sarcastically about her sudden statement, especially since thousands of victims around the world are recorded every day as a result of their infection with the Coronavirus.

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