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Home recipes for difficulty breathing

Sesame oil: It is eaten after being boiled in a quantity of water, preferably immediately before going to bed.
Guava leaves: A quantity of guava leaves is brought to soak overnight, and then it is boiled in the same water that was used to soak it. Guava leaves can be mixed with the same amount of thyme leaves, and then a quantity of honey is added to the mixture, and it is eaten twice daily.
Balls: A quantity of balls is mixed with honey to form a paste, and then it is eaten in the morning, specifically before breakfast.
Ivy leaves: A quantity of dried ivy leaves is boiled, and then an amount of honey is added to it to sweeten its taste and eat it.
Fenugreek and ginger: Crush an amount of fenugreek and an amount of ginger, mix them together and boil them in water, and then eat the resulting mixture twice a day.
. Clove: Soak a quantity of cloves in water for two hours, and then eat it in the morning, specifically before breakfast, and continue to do so for two weeks.

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