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How did Asala congratulate her fans?

The congratulations of the Syrian star Asala came on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr 2022, closer to the quick messages aimed at responding first to the rumor of her separation from her husband, the Iraqi poet Faiq Hassan, and to mention again about her upcoming party with the people of Riyadh.

Asala published a picture of her alone through her account on the Instagram website, and commented on her with a quick telegram in which she confirmed that she had been with her husband Faeq Hassan throughout the month of Ramadan and flirted with him as usual, saying: Every year and we are all fine and our hearts are sweet and fine. .. and between my children who seek my happiness for it..

She also added a note about her upcoming party on Eid al-Fitr in Riyadh, saying: And among the people of Riyadh, we will celebrate it together with new wishes for Eid, O Lord, all of you are happy.

Asala had previously noted the presentation of a joint concert with Omaima Talib tomorrow, May 3, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University.. I am looking forward to meeting you on this sweet date..
And the news of Asala’s separation from her husband spread, after Faeq Hassan’s absence from the party that Asala held at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, especially that Faeq is keen to attend all Asala’s parties since their marriage.

Asala quickly responded through the Astori feature on her Instagram account by publishing a picture of her accompanied by her husband and commented on her saying: Thank God we are together and for each other.

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