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How to preserve the heart

. You must commit to exercising every day, for a period of no less than thirty minutes, and walking is one of the best of these exercises, as exercise is important in ridding the body of fat and toxins, which are the dangerous enemy for cardiovascular health.
. You should stay away from fast food, because these meals are rich in large amounts of fat, and are also rich in cholesterol, and the excess amount of cholesterol accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, thus clogging these vessels.
. You must sleep every day for eight hours, and sleep must be comfortable, because sleep is the way for the body to repair itself.
Avoid and get rid of stress, stress has a significant negative impact on heart health, and it is possible to get rid of stress by engaging in hobbies and recreational activities, or even practicing yoga.
. Eat a moderate amount of salt per day, not exceeding six grams, as salt is one of the factors that help raise blood pressure, and thus the incidence of heart disease increases.
. Quit smoking, as smoke is rich in nicotine, which causes a large number of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, and smoke contains a high percentage of carbon monoxide, which stimulates cholesterol to deposit on the walls of blood vessels.
. A large increase in weight leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in large quantities on the walls of blood vessels, and thus increases the incidence of heart attacks, and also causes arterial diseases, especially those that affect the coronary artery, so it is better for the body to be of a normal and appropriate weight.

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