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Indigestion and its treatment

Divide the three large meals into smaller meals.
Avoid caffeinated drinks.
Avoid taking certain medications and drugs unless prescribed by a doctor.
Practicing various types of exercise that rid the body of fat, burn fat, get rid of waste and toxins, and digest food.
Taking medications prescribed by the doctor, which are medicines that neutralize the acidity inside the stomach, in addition to taking antibiotics that kill the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and indigestion.
Avoiding sources of anxiety, tension and psychological pressure, as it is an important factor in flatulence and indigestion.
Ginger: by boiling it and drinking it hot, it activates the ability of the muscles in the stomach to digest faster and more efficiently, which helps digestion.
Orange peel: by chewing it, it is used as a treatment for stomach ulcers, it also improves appetite, and increases the secretions of gastric juices to be digested easily and quickly in a way that removes pain and suffering, and it is advised to keep it in case the problem persists.
Salad dishes consisting of cucumbers and tomatoes that contain very high amounts of fiber, which is known for its high ability to facilitate digestion and soften the intestines.
Eating red pepper slices, which opens the appetite and facilitates digestion.
. Pineapple by drinking its juice before eating fatty foods and foods, as it helps to digest them efficiently and easily.

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