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Iran responds in kind to Europe

Today, Sunday, the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian parliament), Muhammad Baqer Qalibaf, announced a quick, firm and mutual response to his European counterpart, after he called for the inclusion of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the federation’s list of terrorist organizations.

In a speech delivered before the open session of the Iranian Parliament, Qalibaf said, “The Legislative Council will provide a quick, firm and reciprocal response to any action against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and will classify the armies of European countries as ‘terrorist groups’.”

He continued, pointing out that “the recent decision of the European Parliament showed that European countries, under the influence of pro-Zionist groups, erred in the calculations and took a wrong course against their national interests.”

Baqer also stressed that “such measures, which come after long-term and widespread sanctions by the West, especially America, will not have dire legal consequences for the Iranian nation.”

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Muhammad Baqer Qalibaf, also confirmed that “the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is the most unique anti-terrorism organization in the world, which defeated ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia and other countries) with the help of people in the region, despite the American support for the organization.”

Last Wednesday, members of the European Parliament voted by majority in favor of passing a resolution calling on the European Union and its member states to include the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the Union’s list of terrorist organizations, against the backdrop of what the resolution described as a “brutal suppression” of the protests that followed the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, in mid-September. , after being detained by the morality police on charges of not wearing the hijab properly

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