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Marihan Hussein explains the reason for retirement

The artist, Mirihan Hussein, explained the reason that prompted her to announce her retirement from art last June, sending a message of thanks to her fans for their support after her decision to retire.
Mirihan said: “I thank my fans for their support of me, and their reaction to the news of my retirement made me very happy.” She added: “My decision to retire was due to frustration, and I am still recovering from it, and I wanted to distance myself from everything for a little while.”
Mirihan Hussein had announced her retirement from art via social networking sites, then moved away from the limelight and social media as usual.
Mirihan also wrote: “I do not want appreciation, neither in work, nor in life, nor in friends, nor lovers, nor acquaintances, nor anything I deserve, nor anyone who deserves it. Those who love me, thank you and give me a lot of goodness, and those who do not love me, remove me from your accounts until I can face this unjust life again. Peace.” . She added: “I am tired and feel unappreciated for my personality and talent. I am not accustomed to staying in a place and with people who do not appreciate me. I am tired, so I am retiring.”
It is noteworthy that Mirihan Hussein’s latest artistic work is the series “Al-Wansh,” which was shown at the beginning of this year, and she participated in the starring role alongside the artists: Mohamed Ragab, Mahmoud Abdel-Maghni, and Menna Fadali. It was written by Ahmed Abdel-Fattah and directed by Ismail Farouk.

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