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Mass rallies in support of Russia

Mass rallies Mass rallies

The organizer of the event, blogger Semyon Boykov, is on his YouTube channel “Aussie Cossack”.

In the capital, Sydney, a crowd gathered in front of the Consulate General of Russia on Fullerton Street, where the Russian and Australian demonstrators came to it carrying Russian flags and slogans, most notably Russia is not demanding an end to the conflict with Russia and the withdrawal of NATO forces from its borders.

As they reaffirmed their opposition to and rejection of the Australian government’s support for NATO, the United States, which, in opposition, “supplies Ukraine to support Russia”

Boykov’s photo: Today Russia is fighting Nazism, its soldiers are fighting for a new world order, supports, supports the Russian people and supports how many (supporting) people are with us, and those people who are not afraid to express their point of view publicly, are onhorse from all threats.

Marches also took place in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. And he stood to stop the war declared by the NATO bloc and the West against Russia, and to stop supplying weapons to Kiev, the government and the people. And he demanded that the victorious Australians withdraw from the Ukrainian army and stop supporting it with weapons.

In Brisbane, activists wearing T-shirts with the letter “Z” (a symbol associated with the Russian forces since their military inception) gathered in one of the city’s central squares.

According to the organizers, thousands took part in the rallies in various Australian cities to express their support for Russia

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