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Military movements at the gates of Idlib … Has the real war started ?!

Idlib is still the weakest part of the Syrian geography outside the control of the Syrian government and the Syrian army. Years of war have turned Idlib into the largest complex that includes all the militants of the Syrian regions that the Syrian army has worked to regain control over, and the settlements and agreements between the Syrian government and the arms bearers have always ended. Those who joined factions of almost myriad numbers arose in the midst of the Syrian war by sending them with their individual weapons and their families to Idlib, until Idlib became an armed complex that includes factions from every direction, and what made matters worse in those areas is the dependence of its militants outside, especially Turkey.

From time to time, and as soon as the Syrian army intends to wage the real battle of Idlib, foreign countries will rise to stop the battle, and pressure and support will increase to keep the loins unchanged for years.

Many agreements have been concluded between Russia and Turkey specifically regarding Idlib, but they have not been fully implemented, and the Syrian army is still talking about an upcoming battle that is inevitable.

Today, in a new move that we do not know its hidden nature, is it an indirect declaration of a final war there or just precautionary moves, the Syrian army sent military reinforcements to the axes of the northern Hama countryside and the southern countryside of Idlib, while heavy machine guns targeted the movements of armed groups …

The Syrian media quoted a military source as saying that the Syrian army targeted terrorist groups that tried to infiltrate towards its points.

The source identified the sites that the Syrian army targeted, where it targeted with artillery “the terrorist sites in Kansafra, Al-Bara, Al-Fatira, Sufuhn, Binin and Falifel in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib.”

On the same axis, the Syrian army pushed reinforcements during the past two days to its locations in the countryside of the Al-Ghab Plain in the northwestern countryside of Hama, on the lines of engagement lines with the terrorist “Al-Nusra Front” and the factions loyal to it ..

According to the source, “The new Syrian army builds allow it to carry out any operation requested by its military leadership in the area separating it from the south of the Aleppo Latakia highway, or what is known as the M4 road, in its section that penetrates the western countryside of Idlib and leads to the strategic city of Jisr al-Shughour on my side. East and Southeast, which constitute the entrance to the northeastern countryside of Latakia.

The source pointed out that Al-Nusra, in turn, brought new reinforcements in the axes in which the Syrian army reinforced its forces, such as the village of Cairo opposite the village of Tangara and the axes of the village of Al-Hakura, Al-Fatatrah, Al-Ankawi and Tal Al-Amiqah, in anticipation of any operation launched by the Syrian army.

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