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Nadine Al-Rassi celebrates her birthday and this is her age

The Lebanese singer Nadine Al-Rassi celebrated her birthday among a group of her friends, and Nadine published, through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, a video clip of her dancing.
“I am so happy for this occasion.
Nadine commented on the video: “Thank you for your good wishes.”
It was remarkable during the video that Nadine Al-Rassi revealed her real age, as the cake mold was drawn with the number “42”.
Nadine received congratulations from her colleagues and friends, wishing her long life, health and happiness.
Nadine had recently published, through her social media accounts, a picture with her fiancé and expressed her happiness to be with him and commented: “I am a happy woman when I am with you.”
On the other hand, on the technical level, Nadine did not announce her projects for the next dramatic season, while she attended last season in the series “Husband under house arrest” and co-starred with Ziad Burji, Heba Nour, Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah and others.

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