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Nadine Njeim reveals the hidden

For the first time, away from social media platforms, the Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim revealed the scenes of her injury following the Beirut Port explosion that occurred in August in a media interview, noting that Nadine was keeping up with her followers through her official account on Instagram about the developments of her health condition, but for the first time she spoke on The TV screen revealed new details about her surviving injuries.

The official account of the program that will be broadcast on the Lebanese satellite channel “LBC”, Promo Meet Njeim, revealed that she “will narrate her horrific experience on the day of the explosion of the port in Beirut, months after the tragedy, with her pictures revealed from inside the operating room for the first time”. Najim appeared in Al-Promo, affected by her, speaks spontaneously about her injury and surviving the deformities that almost destroyed her facial features.

The channel also confirmed that the program will include a meeting with the taxi driver who took Nadine to the hospital on the day of the accident, and who did not know her identity due to the large number of blood that covered her face.

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