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New crises for the star Mohamed Ramadan

He faced the Egyptian star, Mohamed Ramadan, during the last period; Several crises, starting with campaigns to cancel his concert in Alexandria, until the decline of his latest lyrical work, “Dosha”, which he presented a few days ago on YouTube and digital platforms.

Despite the spread of many campaigns by the pioneers of the social media and the Alexandria audience to cancel the concert of Mohamed Ramadan, which is scheduled to be held in a few days there, a special source confirmed to Nawaem that the concert is still going on on October 7, and indicated that all rumors about canceling the concert are not Absolutely true, tickets are on the way to sell out for the party to raise a full banner.

On the other hand, it seems that bad luck accompanies Ramadan during this period; Despite the success of his new song “Dosha” and achieving nearly 6 million views in 6 days, he ranked second in the competition via YouTube, where the song “Now I like you” by Baha Sultan topped the competition via YouTube and the Anghami platform hours after its release, and the song is produced by Rotana.

Nor did the crises of his concerts stop at Alexandria; Since after he announced his concerts in Syria, he faced some rejection campaigns from Syrian stars, the Syrian Maan Abdel Haq commented: “I decided to sing in the land of steadfastness, Damascus, and we will not allow you to sing in Syria.

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