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New French Arrests Against the “Nice Attack”

The security and popular tension still prevails in France, and the arrests campaign against the backdrop of the Nice attack that took place last Thursday continues, as the French police announced so far the arrest of 3 people in connection with the attack by a man armed with a knife in front of the Notre Dame Church in the French city of Nice and killed her. 3 people including an elderly woman who was beheaded.

The authorities announced that the attack was a terrorist, and that the attacker was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a gunshot by the policemen while he was chanting loudly the phrase “God is Great”.

According to some sources, the attacker, Ibrahim El-Ouesawi, “21 years old,” a Tunisian immigrant, noting that this attack came a week after the attack by an extremist, and the victim was a French history teacher because he published insulting drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.

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