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New procedures in Kuwait regarding the “Corona” vaccine

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced on its website,

On the launch of a special link to register the requests of citizens and residents wishing to receive Corona vaccines as soon as they are approved and arrived in the country, noting that the site is currently receiving registration of requests in preparation for sorting them a few days before the arrival of the vaccine.

5 categories will be excluded from receiving the vaccine: pregnant women under 18 years of age, those with infectious diseases, those who received vaccinations for the last 30 days, and those suffering from allergies to certain foods and medicines. Within 6 months ..

The link will ask the person concerned for his phone number, passport, civil number and serial number behind the civil card, to ensure that he is granted a certificate of receiving the vaccine upon completion, so that he can travel to any country.

As for those who refuse to receive the vaccine from the groups included in taking it in the first stage, the sources revealed that “these people will face a dilemma of restricting their travel to countries that will require a certificate of receiving the vaccine to enter their territories.”

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