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Problems in the US air defense

Russian military science expert Konstantin Sivkov revealed that the uproar in the American media about the flying objects that were shot down over the United States and Canada is not an attempt by Washington to divert attention from the explosions that affected the “Northern Stream”, but rather illustrates the gap in the air defense system of these countries.

This and Sivkov said that Snowden may be right, and we are talking about a targeted information campaign, but whatever it is, the fact that these flying objects are flying in such numbers and for such a long time over the United States and Canada is a disgrace … Yes, they were shot down, but after they flew over Half the continent, and this does not indicate the best state of US air defense.

According to former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden, the panic over the possibility of extraterrestrial objects dropped over the United States and Canada is intended to distract journalists from the investigation of the “Northern Stream” bombings.

In turn, another Russian military expert, Alexei Leonkov, stressed that the United States “releases the issue of unidentified flying objects when it is necessary to divert the public’s attention from something,” noting that interest in the “Northern Stream” bombings in the United States of America has already increased. After the investigation of the famous journalist Seymour Hersh.

US President Joe Biden had also instructed the formation of an interagency team to conduct an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of unknown flying objects after accidents in the north of the country and in Canada.

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