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Real time weight measurement

The best time to weigh

The weight can fluctuate throughout the day, and therefore an incorrect measurement can be obtained if the weight is measured during the late day, and to obtain a more accurate result, it is recommended to measure the weight early in the morning, specifically after waking up from sleep and emptying the bladder, as there are a group of factors that They can affect weight, including:

Eating: In the case of eating, it may affect the real body weight, in contrast to measuring weight after waking up, as no food or drink was consumed during the night.

Exercising hard: whether in sports or any other physical activity, as this effort can affect weight temporarily.

Also, weighing yourself in the morning ensures that this becomes a regular routine for weight control.

The worst time to weigh in

After knowing the best time to weigh in, could there be a worst time to weigh in? There are some times when weighing is not recommended because the result will not be accurate, and these include the following:

After eating meals: It is recommended to avoid measuring weight after eating meals. Because foods may lead to changes in weight and cause weight gain.

After drinking a large amount of fluids: It is recommended to avoid measuring weight after drinking fluids. Because it will gain the body water weight.

After exercise or physical activity: Strenuous physical activity or exercise can cause weight changes, so it’s best not to measure it after these practices.

Menstrual period: Women should avoid weighing in the days leading up to and during menstruation, as hormonal changes during this time can affect weight.

Important rules for measuring weight

After we got to know the best time to measure weight, it is necessary now to know a set of rules to ensure a more accurate result when measuring this weight, and these rules include the following:

Weight measurement once a week

As a result of the daily fluctuations that occur in the body, the weight can change dramatically when measured daily, and therefore it is recommended to measure the weight once a week to obtain an accurate and correct result.

Install some influencing factors

In order to obtain an accurate measurement, it is advised to keep other factors constant. For example, when measuring without shoes for the first time, it is necessary to measure without shoes every time. It is also necessary to measure at the same time every week and use the same scale every time, and so on.

Use a smart scale

As the use of the scale that gains more information about the weight, such as: the percentage of fat and muscle mass, but this does not mean that the traditional digital scale cannot be relied upon.

Put the scale in the right place

The scale should be placed on a solid and flat floor, and should not be placed on carpets or uneven floors. It should also stand in the middle of the scale on both feet together and remain in a stable position until the final result of weighing is obtained. In general, it is advised to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the scale before using it.

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