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Ronaldo sues the old lady

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo decided to sue his former Italian team, Juventus, for “unpaid dues” amounting to millions of dollars.
Ronaldo and his judicial team are seeking $21 million, an amount that Juventus promised him when they agreed to reduce his annual salary during the period of the Corona virus outbreak that financially harmed the club.
Ronaldo had agreed to give up 4 months’ salary during his time with Juventus, during the pandemic, in March 2020, but an agreement was made between the player and the club that he would be compensated with the salary later, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.
Now, Ronaldo has decided that he wants to collect the money owed to him and has requested the relevant documents from the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, according to the newspaper.
This move comes after former Juventus striker Paulo Dybala reached an agreement with the Old Lady club regarding an approximate amount of $3.2 million owed to him.
Ronaldo had left the “Old Lady” club in August 2021 for Manchester United, before moving to Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia in January 2023.

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