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Russia .. 16 dead in an explosion

The Russian authorities revealed that 16 people were killed in an explosion and fire that occurred today, Friday, inside a workshop for the production of gunpowder in a factory in the Ryazan region, southeast of the capital, Moscow.
And the Russian Assistant Minister of Health, Alexei Kuznetsov, announced this outcome, noting that work is currently underway to transfer a wounded person in a critical condition to the hospital, who suffered burns that affected 80 percent of his body.
Earlier in the day, the Russian Emergencies Ministry had said that 10 people were injured in the accident at the Elastek factory.
Sources in the emergency services quoted clarification that the fire, which the firefighting teams managed to control so far, broke out as a result of the explosion.
The local government stated in a statement that the cause of the tragic accident was due to a technical malfunction, but a source in the emergency services revealed to “TASS” that an inspection conducted in the workshop operated by a private company last June revealed a number of irregularities related to how explosive materials were stored in the site.
The Russian Investigative Committee has opened an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the accident.

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