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It is one of the twelve constellations that astronomers and astrologers rely on to predict future events for people by tracking the movement of stars and planets that are related to each of them in outer space, and at the present time the lives of many people depend on the expectations of the horoscopes for them. A bad day tends to be isolated and stay at home, and not to engage in any adventure at all and vice versa, and the sign of Sagittarius is specialized for those born between the twenty-second of November to the twenty-first of January, and the lives of its members are controlled by the planet Jupiter, and it is expressed in the color violet, It is offset by the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat, and the gemstone that brings them luck is topaz, and the sign reflects fiery qualities because its planet is glowing. The legend of the sign of Sagittarius is related to Aries and the Virgin. It appears with Aries through the Greek belief that a group of stars rose in the sky to help others in search of the golden undercoat, which the brother presented to the king who rules the country near the Black Sea after he fled from his place, and his sister died on the road. And in the Virgin Tower, the legend tells when the gods who were fighting evil and seeking to spread peace and love among humanity went to heaven to escape the evils of monsters, and she was holding a sharp bow in her hand, a symbol of peace and love.

in this month:

Professionally: Not a fruitful month. There is a state of anticipation and waiting that continues until the date of the 22nd when the sun reaches your sign. Do not wait for circumstances to change or active circumstances appear before the mentioned date. The first three weeks will be of little benefit. Necessary to live in a state of panic or chaos. It will also be unsuitable for taking decisive decisions or steps and it is advisable to prepare and prepare rather than launch an implementation campaign.

Emotionally: Love smiles at you under the influence of Venus from your horoscope until the date of the 6th, after which Venus moves to the friendly Capricorn and talks about something new in your emotional and personal life. If your emotional life is empty, you may decide to revitalize your social life with the aim of getting to know and meeting a lifetime companion. If you are connected, the circumstances carry a breakthrough and good news.

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