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Shaheen invades land

Tropical cyclone “Shaheen” entered the Omani territory between the wilayats of Musanah and Suwaiq, accompanied by very heavy rain and strong winds, with speeds on the wall of the cyclone between 120 and 150 km per hour.
The Oman News Agency said that the classification of cyclone “Shaheen” decreased after entering land to a tropical storm with wind speed around the center from 55 to 63 knots (102 to 116 km), confirming that “direct effects were recorded with heavy rain and high speed winds on most of the states of the North and South Governorates.” Al-Batinah”.
And the Omani authorities announced, earlier on Sunday, that 3 people had been killed and others missing as a result of Cyclone Shaheen, which hit the Sultanate.

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