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Sherihan’s surprise for the year 2023

An Egyptian theater will be submitted in the Riyadh 2023 season, a surprise of the heavy caliber, which is a visit to the star Shrihan for the profactions to support the artist Mohammed Fahim, after the basis of the Charlie Chaplin played, and the play is expected soon. Shreihan attended the educational spiritual theatrical rehearsal. Shreihan in the pictures from her back to thrill the public for the rest of the surprise. Charlie Chapelen’s play by Medhat Al-Adl, and directed by Ahmed Al-Bohi, and the Championship: Mohammed Fahim, Nour Qadri, Ayman Al-Shii, Dalia Al-Shani, singer Hani Mustafa, Rwan Jaf, as well as 50 other young artists from young representatives And the dancers, and the composition of the iehab Abdel Wahid, distribution of the Nader Hamdi, and the design of Amr Patrick, Reem Clothing, Decorated Hazem Shell, Dr. Mohamed Saad. The star Shirahan is preparing to repeat the successful experience of the last play “Coco Chanel”, offering a new play by the Poet Medhat Airpall, and that the details were currently being detected, and that the play was agreed on the outline of dramatic treatment to be initiated Executive expiration of the Egyptian series of Ramadan for Ramadan 2023. Shrehan received after the success of Coco Chanel offer several offers to provide short television drama across the digital pallets encrypted, or the starring Stamsinma, but tend to repeat the theater experience I have already made it more than an idea that was scheduled to be implemented during its contracting as a group of justice Group, but the final decision will not be announced only after all the details of the work is complete. The artist Shrehan, has already suspended the success of its new play “Coco Chanel”, which represents its first return to artwork after the absence of 20 years because of the disease, confirming its feelings; It was a source of happiness, and made a work that is appropriate, respect and respect and appreciation of its audience, without providing technical means. Shrihann returned the participation of Tijahida Media Praise for Lamis Irony, after watching the play “Coco Chanel”, which was offered on the first day of Eidalah 2021 on the VIP watching platform, and commented on its account with Twitter. And happy .. I am proud of you will look out, happiness is pleased with your husband waiting for you and your love and respect and appreciation. I am happy and happy .. I am proud of I have estimated your happiness. His happiness is approached, and you are honored to wait for you and your love and respect and appreciation and your appreciation, Lamis .. And so Fishri, my heart and my blood and intellectual art must be, Without any waiver in all and anything .. Shrehan 13 was scheduled to submit a picture of a photographer for women’s figures affected by the actress and the American-American singer Marilyn Monroe, and the French fashion designer Coco Chanel, and fourth Haspsot and Andira Gandhi, and was contracted to be held exclusively for the Egyptian DMC channels network. It was scheduled to start on the evening of Ramadan season 2018, and then declared a reduction in four plays, and then was economical One play is Chanel Coco

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