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The first comment from Nelly Karim after her engagement announcement:

Nelly Karim, after announcing her engagement to squash player Hisham Ashour,
She expressed her happiness at the engagement, wishing everyone happiness.
And on her account on Instagram, she shared, through the special comics (InstaStory on Instagram), her comment about waiting for her wedding soon, where Nelly Karim said, “This August will be full of happy events for me.” Referring to her marriage contract this month to squash player Hisham Ashour.
Nelly Karim, accompanied by her fiancé Hisham Ashour, appeared last Saturday, among the attendees on the second day of the Arab-Egyptian International Palm Hills Championship for juniors and girls, which is held in Egypt on Palm Hills stadiums, with the participation of more than 540 players representing 13 countries from around the world, and Hisham Ashour attended as owner He is the founder of several academies specialized in education and training of young people in Egypt and America, where his presence was very popular.
But it seems that the love story that Nelly Karim and Hisham Ashour brought together was able to change her view of men and marriage to announce her readiness to marry this month and complete her engagement to Hisham Ashour amid a celebration limited to the family of the newlyweds and close friends, as Nelly Karim confirmed that the marriage contract will take place on August 16. In the presence of family and some close friends, who preferred to remain silent until the date of the marriage contract.
Nelly Karim is 8 years older than Hisham Ashour, as she was born on December 18, 1974. The groom was born on May 29, 1982. The artist is only 8 years older than her third husband.
It is noteworthy that Hisham Ashour was among the most skilled squash players in the world and is ranked among the top ten on the game.

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