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The latest developments in the US presidential election results

The results of the American presidential elections are still virtually unknown, and for the first time in years. What was followed previously is that the results of the vote appear at the end of the voting day, and now, although two days have passed since the voters cast their ballots, the result is still unresolved.

According to the authorities concerned, the delay is due to the continued counting of votes due to the high turnout that the voting process witnessed, this time via mail, during the early voting stage.

In addition to the difficulties faced by some states in the transportation and sorting processes imposed by the Corona pandemic, noting that about 100 million Americans participated in the early voting.

The counting processes are still continuing in states that can decide the name of the next American president. These are 5 states, 4 of which can win for one of the candidates, and the remaining states are “Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada”, in addition to Alaska, which is an inconclusive state.

According to preliminary indications from the observers overseeing the elections, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has so far scored 264 votes from the electoral complexes, while Republican President Donald Trump has won 214 votes.

Note that each of them needs 270 votes to win, which means that Biden needs only 6 points, which can be achieved in one of the remaining 5 states, while Trump needs 56 points, and he will need to win the remaining four big states for his success.

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