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The launch of the first Kuwaiti satellite

Kuwait is equipped to launch its first artificial moon “Kuwait Sat, on Tuesday, 3 January, from the United States. The moon is offering from Florida, on board a space missile from the platform” How much “and when he arrived in the orbit It will be separated to open suites with solar cells. The director of operations in the first artificial moon project, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kandari, pointed out that “about 4 hours and two minutes from the launch of the moon” Kuwait Sat, will send the first reference to the terrestrial plant, which includes the battery proportion and data related to the health His systems and equipment are not then started at the ground station and are concentrated by tests and moon processing to play and mission. Director of Operations (Kuwait SAT 1) .. The moon starts from Florida Tuesday and the estimated time for the arrival of his first 4 hours, where the moon will receive the earth, which holds a high-precision camera, to be analyzed from Application team calculate specialization. Through the pictures sent by the moon, the seafront specialist will discuss sea research and change the color and red extent, and pollution of oils, while the architecture will be discussed.

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