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The most important vitamins for the skin

Vitamins suitable for the skin include:-
Vitamin A: It helps maintain skin health, get rid of defects and problems that it suffers from, and contributes to reducing lines, wrinkles and dryness, and it can be obtained from eating eggs, milk and livestock liver.
Vitamin C: prevents skin damage from exposure to the sun, strengthens tissues and thus compensates for damaged ones, and stimulates the work of the immune system, and this vitamin can be obtained by eating citrus fruits and leafy vegetables.
Vitamin E: reduces the effects of excessive exposure to the sun, and gives the skin smoothness and freshness, and it also prevents the appearance of signs of aging, and it can be obtained from nuts and eggs.
Vitamin K: prevents the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and hides the effects of strikes on the skin, and it can be obtained from olive oil and asparagus.

Vitamins suitable for hair include:-
Vitamin C: It helps to provide healthy food for the hair, thus giving it health and luster.
B vitamins: The lack of B vitamins from the body affects the hair negatively, as it prevents its proper growth, and can be obtained by taking its own supplements, or using shampoos that contain this vitamin in its composition.
Vitamin E: It improves the way hair grows, gives it health and strength, and prevents its splitting.

Vitamins suitable for nails include:-
Vitamin B12: It rids nails of dryness, prevents discoloration and blackening, and it can be obtained from cheese, eggs and crab.
Iron: prevents nail splitting and breaking, and its sources are: leafy vegetables, meat, and nuts.
Zinc: It reduces the appearance of spots, ringworm, and skin infections surrounding the nails. Its sources are: bitter chocolate, pistachios, and turkey meat.

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