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The snake bites Ramez Jalal

The episode of the star, Mohamed Farrag, and his wife Basant Shawky, in the famous dumps program “Ramez Never End”, presented by the artist Ramzjalal throughout the holy month of Ramadan, witnessed a big surprise that caused the episode to end early.

At the beginning of the episode, as usual, Ramez Jalal mocked while receiving the duo, Mohamed Farag and Basant

Ramez continued his mockery of them, saying: “The exceptional couple, dressed in black like each other, you feel that they are coming to rob the bank of the Hamada and Toto gang uniforms.”

In the presenter’s introduction to Farag and Bassant, she said: “The most famous cables in Egypt,” to which Ramez replied sarcastically: “The most famous cables, eh, but? Amal Al-Shereen and Hossam, what? Those who don’t leave the oath.”

In response to a question posed by the episode’s presenter to Basant Shawqi: “What does Faraj represent to you?” Ramez said: “Credit Card”…

And while Ramez was taking out the snake he used in the prank, he bit him in his finger, forcing him to end the episode and comment on the dialogue he was conducting at the end of the episode with the guests.

After the snake bit Ramez Jalal, Faraj said to him: “Farhan is in you, Ramez. I saw our Lord. I praise you and thank you, Lord.”

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