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Things you should know about honey

1) The honey that comes out of the bee comes out of its mouth.

2) The first blessing that rises from earth to heaven is honey.

3) The fragrance of honey stimulates the appetite.

4) 100 grams of honey give 325 calories.

5) A kilo of honey is equivalent in nutrition to 5 kilos of milk, 26 bananas, 60 oranges, 50 eggs, 11,750 kilos of meat, and 12 kilos of vegetables.

6) A kilo of honey requires 300 bees to make 40 flights.

7) One honeycomb is the product of bees flying a distance of more than 300 million kilometers, during which bees make 40,000 trips back and forth.

Lemon juice is used with honey to sober up alcoholics.

9) Heating honey to a high degree loses vitamins.

10) The bee lives for a few months and the queen lives for about 6 years.

11) Honey whitens the teeth by mixing it with medical charcoal and rubbing the teeth with that.

12) Honey is the best substance to take for kidney weakness.

13) One of the miracles of honey is that it does not cause damage to the teeth like other sugary substances, but rather treats gums in children at the time of teething.

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