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To get rid of stomach acid

Ginger Ginger contains natural anti-inflammatory substances, which are considered a natural remedy for heartburn and other digestive problems. Ginger can be used by adding slices of ginger root or sprinkling it to recipes or juices, and ginger tea can also be drunk to relieve heartburn symptoms.

. Oats Oats can help treat heartburn by absorbing stomach acid and thus reducing its symptoms, and you can eat oatmeal or whole grains for breakfast, as they are an excellent source of fiber, and there are other options rich in fiber, such as: whole rice, and whole bread.

Egg whites You can eat egg whites to relieve the symptoms of heartburn, but you should stay away from eating the yolks because they contain a high percentage of fat, which can cause heartburn.

Turmeric Turmeric helps improve digestion and prevent acid accumulation, which contributes to treating heartburn and many other diseases. Turmeric can be added to many dishes, and it can also be taken in capsule form before eating meals to prevent acid reflux.

Mint contributes to the treatment of heartburn effectively, and it can be used by mixing two drops of peppermint oil in a liter of water and then drinking the mixture. Warm mint tea can also be drunk to treat heartburn, and it can be prepared by pouring boiling water over dried mint leaves, then leaving it for 10 minutes And it can be sweetened with honey and then eaten, and it was necessary to note that people who suffer from mint allergy should stay away from using this recipe.

Pineapple: Pineapple is an effective natural remedy for heartburn, especially for pregnant women, as drinking pineapple juice after eating a meal protects against heartburn because it contains a natural pain reliever called bromelain, this enzyme helps relieve heartburn and reduce inflammation, and pineapple also contains vitamin C, which helps digestion, and fresh pineapple is better than canned because it contains a large amount of vitamin C, and a small amount of sugar.

. Milk or milk Drinking milk or milk can help relieve heartburn symptoms during pregnancy, and people who are lactose intolerant should choose lactose-free products.

Chewing gum Chewing gum helps relieve heartburn during pregnancy, as chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva that contains bicarbonate, and when swallowed, bicarbonate neutralizes the acid responsible for GERD.

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